In September 2013, Jonathan launched the 'Jonathan Butler Foundation' in South Africa, whose broad mission it is to provide a purpose for disaffected youth - no matter where and who they are.  With genuine and immense empathy, Jonathan is able to understand many of the challenges facing young people today and especially those in his home country.  He stands as a beacon of hope and light of just what can be achieved -  if you put your mind to it.  The Jonathan Butler Foundation (JBF) uses a unique combination of music and therapy based programs which have been specifically developed by professionals and academics for the JBF, which it offers to thousands of children living in under-privileged areas.  

However, true to Butler’s dream, his Foundation is also engaged in providing music lessons, instruments and the facilities to house these initiatives so that young and aspiring musicians are supported from an early age in developing their talent.  Music has the power to transcend hardships, it allows the voiceless to create their own song, their own narrative, and it provides a source of solace and inspiration all in one. Hands-on wherever he happens to be in the world, Jonathan Butler is as passionate and committed to seeing others grow as he is to his music.