Jonathan's Latest Album

Close To You

"This record was inspired by my fiancé Nadira Kimberly. At home one night, we played and sang together as we listened to “Close To You” by the amazing Burt Bacharach. This really opened the door for me to do this amazing man’s music. In 1975 I was 13 years old when my first single was released, “Please Stay” by none other than Burt Bacharach. It's like I've come full circle." JB 



The African Worship Experience

Grammy nominated South African expatriate Jonathan Butler is known for his laid-back, slightly jazz-tinged approach to worship music which has earned the singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer a lot of supporters in the urban contemporary and Gospel scene. 

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Acoustic Guitar Sessions Presents Jonathan Butler

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Jonathan Butler performs music often classified as R&B, jazz fusion, or worship. But no matter what genre, his South-African roots shine through (that’s where Butler, a lefty, got in the habit of picking with the fleshy part of his thumb).

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Lift Every Voice: Extra Voices: Jonathan Butler [BET Interview]

Jonathan Butler talks with Fonzworth Bentley about having freedom while still dealing with the chaos of world.

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A Night at the Kazbah show: How Lagos jazz lovers defied rain to keep date with Jonathan Butler

The soulful jazz crooner who hit the stage at about 10 pm put his powerful talent on display to the admiration of the audience.

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October 26, 2018

Denver, Co

November 01, 2018

Washington, DC

November 02, 2018

Washington, DC

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